From Hidden Persuaders to “Influencers”

The pressure is on… on our minds, actually, and pushed at us via almost every available mass media information provider.

We are served the horrors of war next to something about krudassians and a recipe for Easter bunny chocolates and the tanking/soaring stockless markets, and hey, how about that extended warranty for anything but sanity.

All this machinery has “off” switches. If the present rate of delivery of so-called information exceeds both our own rate of evolution, and our intake processing capabilities, eliminating the focus-grouped, marketing, twisting leverage right at the source is one step toward relief.

We humans can do an excellent job of rationalizing our addictions, regardless of substance or setting. Admitting that media itself can be addicting, and that hitting that “off” switch leads to immediate if hopefully short lived withdrawal symptoms requires looking the beast directly in the eyes without flinching.