More Democracy to Fix Democracy

This grand experiment in self-governance, known globally as democracy, is intended to function via decisions made by the people themselves, as an informed electorate in pursuit of a truly greater good. The bit about “a rising tide raises all boats” only works for those with boats.

Seeking to distort the will of the people for personal power is against the rules, but the rules are most often circumvented via obfuscation of money and influence, to the point that sides are easily taken by some of us, thinking we have the inside scoop, which we accessed by global public social and “information” media. Such is the the purview of the contemporary “insider”.

The work of the January 6 Committee is important, but also subject to puffery pursuing political position. Obviously, one side of this legal process is up to its ears in complicity and collusion, which is what we should expect given the behavior of its erstwhile leader.

Who among our Republicans will stand up to behave like a real Republican? Let’s take President Eisenhower as the standard for intelligent, rational Republicanism, and look for the same today.