MOTGR! Music On The Green Revival

My friend and across-the-valley neighbor, Jim Norman, of Taylorsville CA, recently sort of retired after three-plus decades as Music Director for the combined Greenville elementary and high schools. Legendary hereabouts for his humanity, his musicianship, and his teaching skills, Jim used to present springtime student concerts on the grand lawn of the quadrangle behind the GHS gym and the music room.

Our rural northern Sierra Nevada communities have taken some serious hits the last few years, both from near cessation of tourist revenue, and from wildfires. After the summer 2021 incineration of Indian Falls, Canyon Dam, and Greenville locally by the Dixie fire, long-time Greenville resident, good friend, and internationally acclaimed environmental journalist, Jane Braxton Little approached me about helping to produce some kind of community music event, just for the lift of it.

I committed. We shall have a shindig right where Mr. Norman used to present Greenville student ensembles, and he’ll be in the thick of it. Our fabulous community arts council, Plumas Arts, has taken on publicity, and is assisting with organization. Permission and support has been secured from PUSD for use of the facility

MOTGR! Music On The Green Revival is scheduled for Sunday, May 15, at GHS, from 2 PM to 5 PM. We envision a reasonably tightly scheduled three-hour presentation consisting primarily of music. Everyone performing either grew up here, studied here, or lives here, or all of that.

I have drafted Mr. Jim Norman as my Music Director, and engaged a few of his former, finer music students to be our house band for this hometown mini festival of community spirit uplift.

MOTGR House Band

Jim Norman, Music Director, Keyboard
Jimmy Leal, Drums
Jerome Little, Bass
Johnny Leal, Guitar
Michael Porter, Trumpet
Hank Alrich, Frontperson, General Gesticulator, and Guitar

Special Guests

Levi Mullen
The Taylorsville Elementary School Band
Maddy Fitch
Mary Shero
Joe Tomaselli
Ken Cawley
Stacie LaMattina
Shaidri Alrich
Artie Garcia

Closing Set by the MOTGR All Stars Jam Band = the House Band and guests