Nowhere to Lie; Nowhere to Hide

“Be impeccable with your word”…

Contemporary politics is a shatterhouse of messaging. Politicians spew nonsense, mostly to raise money to stay in office “to work for the people”, i.e., the people with substantial assets and cash flow enough to make campaign donations.

Too many people among that category of constituents take a dim view of functioning democracy, lest the majority of people figure out who is screwing whom when, where, and how, and successfully vote en masse against that big happy party in the money pool.

Voters, separated from their rationality by long-practiced psychological advertising techniques, take that nonsense as fact and run with it to disparage substantiated information across the farce of public discourse.

If called to address utterances made to the detriment of a legitimate election process the politicians either deny they said any such thing, or beg memory dysfunction.

Why would I not assume that people who cannot remember their own professional political communications are unfit to hold office? Beats me.

Meanwhile, back at the digital communications server ranch, data remembers, and reveals what was said by whom to whom and when.

This is where one part of the swamp begins to flow clearly, while another part of it becomes a sump for politicians, a resting place akin to the La Brea Tar Pits. I think we should sprinkle the edges of the sump with alcohol and blowup dolls.