Rescue Missionaries!

Friday, July 15, at the (Drunk) Brush (Wine Bar) in Quincy, California, <strong>Ken Cawley</strong>, <strong>Tony “the Boxer” Alhino</strong>, and <strong>Hank Alrich</strong> will present the inaugural dose of the spontaneously infectious musical medicine of <em><strong>Rescue Missionaries</strong></em>. We will upstart the proceedings at 7 pm PSDT. (Relax. That’s Pacific Standard Daylight Time!)

This rally in the Alley is arriving just in time to spread the religion of music.

Hank Alrich, Ken Cawley, and Tony “the Boxer” Alhino have not been vetted by the United States FDA as to the validity of their claims that music is medicinal.

The team remains unconcerned about shallow accusations from those who ignore thousands of years of dancing. Dig deeper, infidels, for thou hath lost thy footings!

Beat thy feet to the beat and find salvation for a modest donation. Tip your hat and tip the band. Be seen in the scene, delight in the night, and remember to drink plenty of water.