The Pathetic Whining of Whitely Entitled Males

I don’t think Tucker’s Testicle Tanning Tactics are going to make the point he is trying to raise. No flag pole, no flag. Nobody with sense is going to salute.

All this pathetic whining from the male white right, feeling the sheepsfoot roller of extinction running over them on the road to civilization. The obsolescence of male toxicity is beyond obvious at this point in our history.

Ten thousand years of mostly male patriarchal oligarchy has led us to the brink of self elimination. The presence, competence, and power of women is obvious, and essential if we are to survive as a species.

Homo Sapiens Sapiens, if the species is to evolve, has no need for the Tucker types. They contribute nothing that a pleasant mixture of punch and manure couldn’t match. With a party like, who cares what’s floating or not.