We Are Not Paying Attention

The marketing drive for ever increasing “convenience” and overriding concern for the next quarter’s numbers have us failing to track our major, lethal stalker. Platitudes flop about like flounder dying in a desert – “the climate is always changing” – while the ocean itself is trending to set the clock back a quarter of a billion years.

Mother Nature can easily erase all obvious trace of our species, and give Evolution another shot. Homo Sapiens is alleged to have arrived relatively recently in geo-biological time –   The splitting date between human and chimpanzee lineages is placed 8–4 million years ago, during the late Miocene epoch – so a quarter of a billion years should handily obliterate history of our presence on Earth.

And yet, our species appears to be incapable of taking this seriously, incapable of the necessary adaptation in time to avert its own extinction.

Understand that no one will write about this. Maybe you got a statue in the city square, or maybe you didn’t. All this material ease is irrelevant to present reality, which is that we are living on the brink of existence in the face of an exponentially expanding global climate disaster.

I think we saw that hockey stick diagram of global temperature rise and thought we were the hockey player. We are the puck.