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Hank and Shaidri Music

Hank & Shaidri ~ Acoustic American string band music from a dad and daughter working out of Austin, Texas – a dynamite duo across genres and generations.

“Hank and Shaidri play thoughtful folk that is honest and direct and I welcome them back to the Blue Door.” Greg Johnson, The Blue Door Digest, March 19 2014

“…Hank & Shaidri Alrich, who put on at Threadgill’s one of the most engaging sets I saw last year.” Margaret Moser, Austin Chronicle, March 29 2012

“This stuff is Carter Family good.” Duggan Flanakin, Flanfire Blog, February 26 2010


This is a match made in musical heaven, a mix of masters where casually elegant musicianship supports grooves under lyrics that will not dull one’s mind. This is contemporary acoustic folk rock of a high order.


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